Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Its almost HALLOWEEN and the monsters are here!

I have been so busy having delivery after delivery recently that i almost forgot to introduce you properley to my newest addition, so everybody please meet my MUTANT MONSTERS!

I have lots of different sizes so there is a monster to suit everyones budget, i have the largest monsters which are £15 like this lovely lilac flowery monster with big pink lips (above), the largest monsters come boxed and they are all different so if you like one then get him fast!

The next size down is the medium size Mutant Monster with moveable arms and legs and they are £10 each. They come with a removeable suction cup so you have the option of sticking them to your window if thats what takes your fancy!

If you would like something a little bit smaller and hand sized then i have the small Mutant Monsters and at £5 they make a perfect little present, they also can be stuck to the window or you can just cuddle them!

My little Cutie Gang keyrings are perfect for stocking fillers at £4 each.

Or if you would prefer to wear your monster out and about then i have these cute little bags with monsters on the front, £8 each.

All my Mutant Monsters are up on my facebook fan page at the moment so if you want to reserve one then just pop a comment underneath and i will list the rest on my website soon.

I have already sold quite a few (and a few may have to stay with me as they are soooo cute!)

but there are still plenty to choose from .

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