Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Here we go...

So...its February already and i have managed to avoided updating this for almost 2 months but now i think its time for me to bring everyone up to speed.
Last time i wrote on my blog it was to announce that my website was up and running just in time for Christmas so i guess everyone would like to know how it is all going? Well the answer is very well, for most people January starts off slow but for me it just kept getting busier and busier, so busy infact i have taken on a lady to help me sew, this infact highlights to me just how fussy i am about every single piece of clothing i send out and also how quick i can actually make things myself! It is going to be a slow process bringing her up to speed with all the items i make but hopefully in the long run it will make things quicker.
I cant express how happy i am with all my repeat customers, i have the most wonderful ladies coming back to me again and again which means i must be doing something right but unfortunately i had one an unhappy customer today...although he never said he wasn't happy with his item...he was unhappy with the dispatch time, funnily enough he didn't take into account the two emails from me requesting what size he wanted his item in and also i guess it slipped his mind that on the listing it says give me at least 14 working days and although i sent it out only 2 days after his email telling me what size this wasn't quick enough for him! Oh well you cant please them all (or help them read).
Anyway im not here to moan but i would like to say that i do infact make everything myself from buying the fabric to cutting the item out and right through to the end finish and at the moment i have over 30 items needing my attention and so when i do say please give me time to make your item i guess i should mention that i only have two dedicated working days a week to do it in as well! Thats probably why i am up till midnight most nights....but i love what i do and i wouldn't have it any other way (apart from maybe a bit more time to get these new ideas out of my head before i burst!!).