Wednesday, 24 November 2010

So close i can almost feel it....

Once again i have left it a while since my last post but this time lots of things have happened so i will set down my cup of tea and get you up to date with it all.

After a long journey trying to get my website up and running i have had to cut my losses and start afresh, the lady the who was supposed to be doing my website was un responsive and had no interest in helping me finish it to a decent standard and so the day she disappeared off the radar was the day i decided to start again. When someone makes excuses every step of the way and plays the card that they didn't get your emails/text messages/ phone calls is definately a sign that they were a bad choice, there are only so many lies you can take so lets just say i wont be singing her praises any time soon.

So anyway i realised unless i got shot of her and got on with it the website would never happen so i took a close friends advice and contacted the lady that did her website. The difference was amazing, she was always on hand to talk, always emailing me updates on what she was doing, she gave me that extra push without hassling me and trust me when you have as many things to do as me then you need a little extra shove! A new logo has been designed and now i am finally on the edge of launching my brand new shiny website and i have loads of new products to show you and i am super excited!

Please keep your eyes peeled as i will be opening up for business in the next few days (got a few more products to add to the site yet) and let me know what you think!

Also if you like my website design then all credit goes to

They have also designed my friends website and my brothers new business venture