Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Its Almost Time!

I have been adding items non stop, ive been sewing new items, i have been a recluse for the last few months and ignored family and friends (and the gym) and i have even had to shut down my ebay shop for a short time just to get enough time to finish it but i believe the time is getting closer when i finally get to show you my BRAND NEW shiny website!

I have been saving up lots of new items especially for it and i hope you will like them all as much i do! I have been amazed at how much i really do have and after listing a couple of hundred items i kind of wish i hadn't done so much.... I really have been on a sewing mission and there are still some new things i want to do.....

So tonight i will unveil it! I bet my daughter wont go to sleep now i have written this...last night i told her that she had to go to sleep quickly otherwise Father Christmas wont be able to deliver her advent when she was still awake at 9pm i realised my mistake, especially when she finally fell asleep hidden under her covers, she was scared of him coming in her bedroom! I have learnt my lesson now so i told her i would meet Father Christmas in the living room tonight and bring her new drawer up so he doesn't disturb her.

Anyway so if you are one of the people who actually reads what i write on my listings etc you will know that each item is made to order, ie i don't make it until it has been bought and paid for, so this means it can take anything from 3 days to usually 14 working days depending on my work load, on my website due to the amount on there i have written 21 working days, please don't let this put you off it is just to cover me incase i have to order things in specially or if i have a lot of orders, most items can be dispatched within 2 weeks and if you need it for Christmas then it is still possible, i recommend ordering as soon as you can though just incase!

Some items on there are however ready for dispatch and i will try and post these within three working days.

So there you have it i will continue to add bits for the rest of today and launch tonight (maybe about 9pm?) and hopefully you will be ready and waiting??!


Wednesday, 24 November 2010

So close i can almost feel it....

Once again i have left it a while since my last post but this time lots of things have happened so i will set down my cup of tea and get you up to date with it all.

After a long journey trying to get my website up and running i have had to cut my losses and start afresh, the lady the who was supposed to be doing my website was un responsive and had no interest in helping me finish it to a decent standard and so the day she disappeared off the radar was the day i decided to start again. When someone makes excuses every step of the way and plays the card that they didn't get your emails/text messages/ phone calls is definately a sign that they were a bad choice, there are only so many lies you can take so lets just say i wont be singing her praises any time soon.

So anyway i realised unless i got shot of her and got on with it the website would never happen so i took a close friends advice and contacted the lady that did her website. The difference was amazing, she was always on hand to talk, always emailing me updates on what she was doing, she gave me that extra push without hassling me and trust me when you have as many things to do as me then you need a little extra shove! A new logo has been designed and now i am finally on the edge of launching my brand new shiny website and i have loads of new products to show you and i am super excited!

Please keep your eyes peeled as i will be opening up for business in the next few days (got a few more products to add to the site yet) and let me know what you think!

Also if you like my website design then all credit goes to

They have also designed my friends website and my brothers new business venture


Monday, 12 April 2010

A few of my favourite dresses..

To keep myself active on here instead of leaving my blog to fester over another year i thought i would put up a few pictures every other day or so and also use it to post some of my new items as i make them.

So here are a some pictures of my favourite dresses, some of them are child versions of adult ones i make under a different name so i will put those up as well...
The first one i have to show is this black and white striped nautical inspired dress with red anchor buttons, i made this after making an adult dress and i thought it would look adorable as a childs version, so here it is:
And the adult one i was inspired by:

The second one is my sailor dress, i made an adut version first and i loved it so much i decided it had to be made as a childs version, the first picture is me in Las Vegas wearing my sailor dress:

And here is my toddler version:

The red cheeky skull dress is one of the very first dresses i have made for Alternatots and i have some lovely pictures of my daughter modelling it for me:

She loved wearing it and had already put things in the pockets before i finished the pictures so i decided that she could have that one to keep!
All of these dresses are available to buy in my ebay shop at the moment:
If that works!
That is all for the moment i will put up some of my brand new ones next! (or maybe some more of my old ones..)

Saturday, 10 April 2010

My progress so far...

So it is official i am rubbish at blogging!

Loads of time has passed since i last blogged and i guess things have picked up quite a bit, unfortunately the website is still not finished but i would like it up and running by the end of April '10 so i can use fee-bay a bit less and stop the feeling that i am giving half the money i make straight back to them....i know it is useful and without it its harder to get your name out there but i cant stand their fees!

I have opened and etsy store as well so if you fancy a look then go to:

I am still adding things slowly so keep an eye out for new things.

I have a facebook fan page as well so please look up 'Alternatots Childrens Clothing' under brand/company then you should be able to find it.

I have built up quite a range of products now and have plenty of ideas for new things and i would love to be able to offer all the items in larger sizes as well so that will be something to work on when the website is up and running.

Instead of rambling on about what i want to do i will talk about some of my favourite things that i have made already and give myself some practise putting pictures in...

My corset print bodysuit is one of my favourite vinyl prints, it looks like you have laced up your baby, so far i have done white on black and pink on white, it can also be put on a t-shirt as well.

I will add some more pictures up later....