Saturday, 4 July 2009

So im trying to sort out my website (and the rest of my life!)

I have been trying to get my website up and running for a while now and there always seems to be something to get in the way, it doesn't help that i only have one designated work day when i deposit by baby with the childminder and then work non stop till i pick her up again, so as you can imagine with that and working in the evenings i am going pretty much non stop!
I now have another distraction, i have booked a trip to Vegas to go to the Magic trade show and i am on a mission to get enough money together to pay for it, so once again all that sitting at my pc and sorting out the website has been put on hold for me to be a whore to my sewing machine and knock up dresses and everything else i can think of to sell on awful ebay!
I sometimes feel like i am doing two full time jobs and its exhausting!
So hopefully i will get back to it and sort it all out soon, i don't know about other crafty people but i sometimes find i have so many new ideas and things to do that i have no idea where to start....the website will be worth looking forward to i can guarantee it.