Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Starting a journey on the road to alternative childrens clothes

I have decided its time to start a blog as i thought it would be interesting to look back on the progress i make as i set up my business.
I am in the process of building up 'Alternatots' which is aimed at all the goth, punk, rockabilly and emo babies and children out there.
Since becoming a mum to my gorgeous daughter Alicia who is now 20 months old i did what most other mums do and thought 'i want to try making children's clothes!' Although unlike most people this wasn't a huge step away from what i did before i had her. Since graduating from the London College of Fashion i had a couple of jobs both designing punk, goth and rockabilly clothes for adults, first working for 'Living Dead Souls' and then 'Hell Bunny' and 'Mercy'. As well as designing and making my own 50's Rockabilly dresses and other bits and pieces.
When i was expecting Alicia i was on the look out for cool clothes i would want to put her in and funnily enough i couldn't find any! (Well the odd thing here and there, i do like Sourpuss!) so i decided that that would be my next venture, i found that most of the alternative children's clothes were just slogan t-shirts or plain bodysuits with a print on them so thats why i am embarking on 'Alternatots!'.