Saturday, 19 March 2011

Why i make my clothes to order

Today has been a long day with me sewing non stop to try and keep everyone happy and waiting times shorter and sometimes i do wonder whether i should stop doing things this way and only put items up as i make them so they can be dispatched straight away so i thought i would try and explain why i do things this way in the first place, also it gives me a break from the seven little dresses waiting for me to complete....!
As i am a fairly small business at the moment it isn't worth me sitting and making a bunch of different sizes all at once because as experience tells me the sizes i make will never be the correct ones, someone will always want something different! I only hold a small amount of each fabric at a time and if i make to order then i know each piece of fabric will be used and there will be no waste.

It also gives people more choice, i can offer all my different items at the same time and you can choose what you would like rather than wait for me to make it and put it up for sale.

My only problem it seems is that people are unaware this is how i operate and although i spent alot of time outlining this on each ebay listing and on my carefully laid out information on my website people still seem to assume that the item should be with them within a day of purchasing it and i have to say i am getting very tired of answering the same questions about 'where is my item' ....which leads me back to the idea of stopping what i am doing and only offering made to order through facebook and my website and all ebay listings can be ready mades.

Other than that i am very pleased with how things are going and i am very excited about some of the new items i have purchased to sell through my website (which will be made and ready to send for those who like things quickly!). I have some brand new 'Iron Fist' childrens clothing coming very soon and i have ordered some gorgeous new things from 'Sourpuss' and some super new boys clothing for all of those waiting!


  1. Well, personally, I think the people who are wanting things immediately just don't appreciate what it is you offer. Quality is worth waiting for. Especially if it means you can get exactly what you want and it will fit you perfectly. In a way, I think half the excitement is the 'waiting' period. I quite like the anticipation of waiting for something I have purchased, and knowing that as I wait you are beavering away making it! It kinda makes it more special.

    So I say "PAH!" to the impatient imbeciles! If only there was a way of making these people pay double... just for being annoying!


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